Back to the Grind

Hey – good to see you back. Where’ve you been hiding yourself all this time?

Just around – I felt like taking a break – a long-ish one. I hope you still remember me…it’s me – still me – just a little bit older, a little bit tired. Hey, I’m 40 and, finally, admitted to myself that I’m an atheist.

Well, 40’s the new 30 (as Apples would have us believe) – if you can pull it off, that is.  Atheist, huh? Hmmm…good luck looking for a gift to your aunt who’s a third-order Carmelite.

It’s really an effort but then again if I can’t do this for myself, then might as well pack it in.  As for my aunt, I think a really nice shawl would be appropriate.

Again, good luck – and I hope we see more of you this time around. 

Don’t worry – wannabe scriveners never disappear, they just have longer writer’s block.


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